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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  August 12, 2009 7:25pm-7:30pm EDT

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in the mail bag tonight, reaction to yesterday's interview, regarding the state of maryland and all states will handle the growing need of electricity. specifically the upcoming chevrolet volt. jerry of no known address says hey, what if you don't have a driveway or a garage to charge it up? how about those of us living in condos or apartments? does the owner's association pay the cost to set up power boxes in the parking lot and
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add it to the maintenance fee or rent? do those with gasoline vehicles subsidize the bills? way too many unexpected consequences. let's rename that clunker, the dolt. well jerry, while it is hard to be impressed with the car's expected $40,000 range. it is a start. in five years, they will be half the money and drive five times as far. now on to the question i asked yesterday about the poll that most americans still think a man -- marie in dc has a problem with that. i think it should be a woman's choice to take a man's last name. i wouldn't give up mine for anything. also for a man to take a woman's last name, that doesn't make him less of a man. okay, and for jonathan, it already does. he says he changed his last name to his wife's last name and he didn't for a lot of reasons. my last name was the version of
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the family name. her name line would end because there are only women born this generation and taking her last name would continue the family name. her grandfather loves me for this and her name is easier to announce. fair enough, and perhaps the only real answer is there is no one real answer. everyone gets to work it out for themselves. the address, that's our broadcast. i'll see you later on. bye bye. fiber one. i'm looking for some fiber.
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tonight" in high definition. the new michael jackson drug controversy. did the las vegas pharmacy raid find a smoking gun? are authorities closer to charging dr. murray? >> and only i have uncovered this contract for a jackson reunion concert. i'll tell you why it could turn janet against the family. plus, michael's son blanket, his surrogate mom finally revealed? to drag me into it is even more unconsciousable. >> secrets from inside her new tell-all. >> i feel like i have to set the record straight. octomom hospitalized. but we have have learned about her mysterious condition. who's taking care of her 14 kids. plus, new footage from nadya's prime time special.


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